In earlier times, people understood their connection with animals to be a spiritual principle. The original stories about the sacredness of all life can be found on walls of caves and temples and the first ancient writings. This original knowledge still exists in the basic writings of world religions and philosophies. Yet, virtually no Western religion today teaches its adherents how to practice compassion toward all species and how to protect the natural world.

What happened?

Could misinterpretation of the religions’ texts, and an incomplete understanding of the meaning of spirituality be why the human species continues to cause pain and anxiety upon the other animal world -- as shown by unnecessary animal experimentation, inhumane slaughtering methods, using animals in “sport” and entertainment, and the wanton destruction of animals who live in the wild.

What happened?

When and why did the other animals become invisible in our spiritual adventure? Why did we place ourselves over and above all other animals in some sort of hierarchal system? Did the separation come about simply because of our material wants and needs? Or, are there reasons that we have yet to imagine -- beyond religion, science, and history?

What happened?

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


SURVIVAL IN NATURE.A lifetime in seconds.  

2/5/16  Don’t know why I am writing about a maximally awful moment in Nature that I witnessed.  But I am.  The animal’s story should be told.  He deserves being remembered.

Don’t know how I saw the incident while driving in traffic on a busy road in Wellington Florida.  But I did. Intuitively knew what had happened and what was about to happen.

Was driving in the innermost lane when I saw at least ten giant crows flutter en masse to the curbside, and hover over a still body.  As I passed, the birds suddenly flew to a grassy hill just feet away.  A small raccoon sat up in his own pool of blood, and was defiantly hissing at the birds. 

The birds gave the injured creature his moment.  No one wanted to be bitten by him.  They had time.  Probably would be a few minutes before the little one would lie down and die. He’d make a quick meal.  Horrified I screamed at them.

My rage at the long-gone car that hit him, and fear for the raccoon facing such great odds made me sick. Was helpless.  Couldn’t help him.  Cars were bumper to bumper.  One was close to mine.  If I’d braked, God knows what chaos would have ensued.

2/10/16  Today, the realization struck me that Nature always knows what to do for its own.  We humans continue to interfere with the other animals’ lives, yet somehow many species survive – even in the cities.  Even us.  Even for a short time. 

All I can do is send loving light to the soul of this brave little raccoon.  Universal law suggests that his courage and defiance in the face of terrible odds will serve him when he incarnates into his next life form.  Maybe he’ll be a crow.  Worse – be a human.

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